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by A. Fäh

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Quick Tech News


by Alexander Fäh

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Additive Manufacturing Enabling Blockchain Revolution

  • Dreigeist from Nuremberg played a crucial role in developing the spherical "Orb" casing for Worldcoin, symbolizing inclusive access to the global economy.

  • Additive manufacturing technology enabled the precise production of the "Orb" with an accuracy of up to ±50 µm.

  • Dreigeist showcases innovation strength in the Nuremberg region and continues to be a driving force in the injection molding process for mass production of the "Orb".


Nuremberg Company Dreigeist Plays Crucial Role in Developing Revolutionary "Orb" for Worldcoin.

The spherical "Orb" casings, developed by Dreigeist, embody the visionary goals of Worldcoin; Image: 3D-Druck

The ambitious idea of Worldcoin, to provide access to the global economy for everyone, receives support from the innovative work of Nuremberg's Dreigeist. In close collaboration with Tools for Humanity and Worldcoin founder Sam Altman, Dreigeist's expertise in additive manufacturing has significantly contributed to the realization of the "Orb," a spherical casing for electronic components.

The challenge was to create a precise, reflective, and robust casing that meets the highest standards. Through the use of Stereolithography (SLA) and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), Dreigeist has created a highly precise form that embodies both technical innovation and symbolic significance.

The "Orb" represents the Earth as the home of all people and reflects the core message of Worldcoin: inclusive access to the global economy. The adaptability of additive manufacturing allowed Dreigeist to implement multiple design changes in real-time during development.

The result of this collaboration is a gleaming Orb with an impressive accuracy of up to ±50 µm. Thus, additive manufacturing has made a crucial contribution to realizing Worldcoin's visionary goals.

The technology has since reached a new level of evolution, and the manufacturing process is now being implemented through injection molding for mass production. Dreigeist remains a driving force in this process, showcasing innovation strength in the Nuremberg region.

After three years of intensive research and development, including field tests, the current version of the "Orb" has been made accessible to the public. Feedback for further design improvement is expressly welcomed and contributes to ongoing development.


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