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by A. Fäh

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Quick Tech News


by Alexander Fäh

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Anonymous takes Discord on

A few weeks ago, the hacker group Anonymous hacked Russian websites and took them offline (but Gazprom's website is now back online). This was supposedly to serve the Russian population, so that propaganda would not be scattered around the country. Now Anonymous has asked the Discord team on Twitter to take pro-Russian Discord servers offline.

The logo of Anonymous; image: Wikimedia

Yesterday, March 13, Anonymous wrote on Twitter whether Discord can ban pro-Russian Discord servers. Today came the threat that the time is ticking.

Now Anonymous has uploaded a video on YouTube with a message to Discord. Currently Discord allows pro-Russian propaganda and does nothing about it. Anonymous has already raided several servers that spread Russian propaganda and they will continue to do so until Discord takes these servers down from the platform. Many people are against those working to support the Russian government, he said. However, Discord has decided to keep it a secret. Also, several Discord servers were found to belong to the Russian fake hacking group "Digital Cobra". The words "Fuck Ukraine" were apparently used there. If Discord continues to keep the servers online, then Discord will become a next target in 'Operation Russia' and will stop working. "If you continue to ignore us, then this will be the last year for you. There is nothing you can do to stop us". If Discord were to side with Anonymous now, the group would cancel the operation, he said.

At the current time, Discord is still online and we hope that the platform will remain online.


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