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by A. Fäh

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Quick Tech News


by Alexander Fäh

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CNC Revolution in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Dizart Leads Companies into the Future of Robotics

  • Dizart from Sarajevo offers customized robot solutions for businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina by adapting used industrial robots from the Netherlands.

  • Customers receive not only individual robots but also comprehensive training in operation and programming to maximize the flexibility of the robots.


Sarajevo-Based Company Dizart Focuses on Customized Robot Solutions, Pioneering Collaborative Robotics in BiH's CNC Industry.

Sarajevo-based company Dizart customizes robots for businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina to revolutionize their CNC production.
Sarajevo-based company Dizart customizes robots for businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina to revolutionize their CNC production.

In Sarajevo, the company Dizart has evolved over the past two and a half years from a manufacturer of CNC machines to a leader in customizing robots for businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Instead of producing new robots, Dizart purchases used industrial robots from the Netherlands and tailors them to the needs of its customers.

This allows companies to obtain high-quality robot solutions at an affordable price. Founder and Director Jasmin Ahmic emphasizes that Dizart not only delivers customized solutions but also provides comprehensive training in operating and programming the robots. This enables customers to maximize their investment and utilize the flexibility of the robots for various applications.

Dizart's robots are adjusted according to requirements, whether for milling, welding, pick-and-place, 3D printing, gluing, or operating CNC machines. Of particular note is the partnership relationship that Dizart establishes with its customers to develop optimal solutions. After training, customers install the robots in their own factories and continue to work independently, with Dizart available for support and any troubleshooting.

Ahmic mentions that the majority of the robots sold are used in the wood industry, which is considered less demanding than the metal industry.


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