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by A. Fäh

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Quick Tech News


by Alexander Fäh

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Efficient and Stable: Zimmermann's FZU/FZP42 Milling Machines Set New Standards

  • Thermo-Symmetric Design: Zimmermann's FZU/FZP42 milling machines offer increased stability through a thermo-symmetric design.

  • Centrally Guided Z-Slide: The double-bridge construction of the centrally guided Z-slide enhances rigidity and accuracy.

  • Efficient High-Performance Milling Technology: The system effortlessly handles tool weights of up to 40 tons with constant high dynamics.


Thermo-Symmetric Design: Enhancing Stability and Dynamics in Milling Technology.

Zimmermann's FZU/FZP42 milling machines with thermo-symmetric design offer increased stability and efficiency.
Zimmermann's FZU/FZP42 milling machines with thermo-symmetric design offer increased stability and efficiency.

Zimmermann Inc.'s FZU/FZP42 machine line introduces efficient five-axis portal milling machines for heavy workpiece machining. The focus is on a thermo-symmetric design featuring a centrally guided Z-slide.

This construction, coupled with the arrangement of guides, aims to enhance machine stability while saving weight, resulting in a more dynamic, productive, and energy-efficient machine.

The thermo-symmetric design aims to absorb thermal influences through the structure of the machine itself. Zimmermann has designed and arranged the machine structure, drive unit components, guides, and other components responsible for accuracy for all machines in this newly developed series. This allows the machine structure to expand in non-critical directions.

The centrally guided Z-slide of the portal in double-bridge construction has a large cross-section that increases stability and rigidity. With no possible one-sided temperature rise, accuracy is significantly improved.

This structural design allows the machine manufacturer to constructively minimize the effects of error-inducing variables. Additionally, the thermo-symmetric design enables the omission of complex cooling circuits, positively impacting cost reduction.

According to the company, the FZU42 system handles high tool weights of up to 40 tons without any issues, as the components remain stationary. The movement system, comprising the portal, Z-slide, and milling head, can operate with consistently high dynamics, regardless of the tool weight.


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