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by A. Fäh

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Quick Tech News


by Alexander Fäh

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Injection Molding Innovations in Focus: Kistler Sets Standards at Fakuma 2023

  • At Fakuma 2023, the Kistler Group presents groundbreaking innovations in injection molding and process monitoring, enabling the automatic detection and correction of deviations during the injection molding process.

  • The presentation includes non-contact sensors for the medtech sector, sensors for 3D printing, and enhanced data analysis options through the AkvisIO production data solution.

  • Kistler demonstrates how process monitoring systems help maintain the highest levels of quality and efficiency in production, even when using recycled materials.


Kistler Showcases Groundbreaking Developments for Injection Molding at Fakuma 2023.

Kistler demonstrates innovations in injection molding and process monitoring at Fakuma 2023.
Kistler demonstrates innovations in injection molding and process monitoring at Fakuma 2023.

Fakuma 2023 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, is the stage for groundbreaking innovations in injection molding and process monitoring. The Kistler Group is presenting at this significant trade fair how intelligent process monitoring can already detect deviations in the injection molding process, adjust parameters automatically, and sort out defective parts. This is made possible through the combination of precise sensor technology, suitable hardware, and software.

Kistler's booth at Fakuma showcases an impressive range of novelties. These include non-contact measuring sensors for the medtech sector, sensors for 3D printing, and the expanded AkvisIO production data solution that offers diverse options for data analysis. Optical testing systems complement Kistler's portfolio in the field of plastic processing.

The plastics industry is experiencing radical changes due to new regulations and the advancing digitization, including artificial intelligence. Intelligent process monitoring and optimization, which automatically detect and adjust deviations in the injection molding process, are already a reality today when the right sensor technology is combined with appropriate hardware and software.

At Fakuma 2023, Kistler demonstrates what such a solution looks like in practice. Two of the latest sensors for injection molding and 3D printing (Types 4004 and 9239B) take center stage.

The KVC 821 automated sorting and testing system represents the latest generation of optical inspection systems, while new firmware versions for ComoNeo and ComoScout illustrate the extended functionalities of these process monitoring systems. Another highlight is Kistler's Stasa QC Optimizer with new features, optimizing settings on the injection molding machine to ensure the highest possible product quality.

Complete process monitoring systems play a part in achieving product quality and process efficiency. This is particularly true when companies make more use of recycled materials for their processes, and in higher proportions.


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