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by A. Fäh

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Quick Tech News


by Alexander Fäh

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Innovative 3D Printing Solutions at NPE 2024: Kistler Drives Digitalization in the Plastic Industry

  • Kistler präsentiert wegweisende 3D-Druck-Technologien auf der NPE 2024, darunter die innovative Software „AkvisIO IME“ und den Schmelzedrucksensor 4004A.

  • Die Software erleichtert das Datenmanagement und die Prozessoptimierung in der Kunststoffindustrie, während der Schmelzedrucksensor präzise Qualitätskontrolle beim 3D-Druck ermöglicht.

  • Zusätzlich werden innovative Kraftsensoren und Vision-Inspection-Lösungen vorgestellt, die eine hundertprozentige Qualitätssicherung in der Produktion gewährleisten.


Kistler Presents Pioneering 3D Printing Technologies at NPE 2024.

Kistler's 4004A melt pressure sensor revolutionizes quality assurance in 3D printing.
Kistler's 4004A melt pressure sensor revolutionizes quality assurance in 3D printing.

At this year's NPE, Kistler is setting new standards in the plastic industry, particularly in the realm of 3D printing. The introduction of the "AkvisIO IME" (Injection Molding Edition) software marks a crucial step in fostering innovation in this industry through digitalization.

This software automatically synchronizes, analyzes, and visualizes data from machines and process monitoring systems such as "ComoNeo" and "ComoScout," greatly simplifying comprehensive injection molding monitoring and data management. It also aids in the optimization and documentation of processes, especially in demanding applications such as medical device manufacturing.

Another breakthrough from Kistler is the 4004A melt pressure sensor, which, thanks to its high temperature resistance, can measure melt pressure directly in injection nozzles and small extruders. This is particularly relevant for 3D printing, as previous solutions faced limitations due to high temperatures. The sensor withstands extreme temperatures of up to +350°C, thus enabling precise quality control throughout the entire 3D printing process.

Additionally, Kistler presents innovative force sensors and vision inspection solutions for quality assurance in the plastic industry. Of particular note is the KVC 621SE, a fully automatic optical inspection system that utilizes modern image processing technology to capture precise data on dimensions and surface properties of various test parts, enabling one hundred percent quality assurance.

In addition, Kistler showcases practical force measurement technology such as the "SlimLine 9132CD," a piezoelectric force sensor in ring form, which is particularly suitable for measuring very small tensile and compressive forces in industrial applications. Also featured is the "Handheld Charge Amplifier 5811A," a mobile measurement device with integrated data acquisition that can be used to monitor various sensors in 3D printing.


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