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by A. Fäh

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Quick Tech News


by Alexander Fäh

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Microsoft tests handheld device; Similar to Steamdeck

Microsoft is testing a new handheld device with Windows as the operating system.

Competition to the Steamdeck; Image: h0x0d, Twitter

An employee at Microsoft worked on a handheld console at the Hackathlon, which is supposed to work with Windows as the operating system. While there is already support for Windows on the Steamdeck, it is not a pleasant experience to operate the OS with just a touchscreen and a cursor.

The employee (Twitter user _h0x0d_) has been working on this experience and has presented some possible solutions to make video games easier to open and improve the experience of using the operating system. The Hackathlon serves employees to work on projects that will eventually be sold later. Whether the competitor to Steamdeck will actually be released by Microsoft is unclear.

This project shows that Microsoft's employees are interested in a handheld console. The console would also generate a new revenue stream for Microsoft and open up the PC market to even more people.


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