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by A. Fäh

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Quick Tech News


by Alexander Fäh

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The Update on the Neuralink Chip; A Summary

Elon Musk gave a nearly three-hour presentation yesterday on the development of the Neuralink chip - after a surprise postponement in October.

An update after a long time again; Image: The Jerusalem Post

Elon Musk gave a presentation Wednesday on the development of the Neuralink chip. He promises many things, such as curing dementia and Parkinson's disease. The chip is also expected to restore the vision of a blind person.

Musk hopes to implant a chip in a human in coming 6 months. It is regularly emphasized that Neuralink is trying hard to ensure that the chip will not be implanted in a human until everything is working. Therefore, the announced 6 months may well be unrealistic.

There may also be delays from the regulatory point of view, as in the last update 2021 it was said that Neuralink hoped that the approval of the regulatory authorities would come this year. Unfortunately, nothing came of this. Therefore, there may well be further delays.


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