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by A. Fäh

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Quick Tech News


by Alexander Fäh

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UK audits Apple and Google

It's no secret that Apple and Google are near monopolies in the tech industry. This is a thorn in the side for the British government and it wants to tackle this problem.

Apple and Google to be more regulated in the UK; Image: Apple

Google's Chrome browser and Apple's Safari browser will soon be scrutinized by the 'Competition and Markets Authority' (CMA), as these two browsers form almost a dipole in the entire industry.

These two companies are among the largest in the world and therefore have a strong influence on the competition and can also exclude them from each company's ecosystem if need be, according to CMA chief Andrea Coscelli. This would hold up the U.K. tech sector and limit choice for alternatives.

However, the CMA responded quite clearly that Apple and Google would maintain their position in the sector, harming competition and innovation.

Around the world, different authorities are trying to curb the power of these companies and thus spur competition and develop the tech sector.


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