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by A. Fäh

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Quick Tech News


by Alexander Fäh

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D3-AM GmbH Unveils Revolutionary Micro-Particle-Jetting Technology for Ceramic 3D Printing

  • D3-AM GmbH sets new standards in ceramic 3D printing with its Micro-Particle-Jetting technology.

  • Introduced at Formnext 2023, the LABII printing system enables the direct production of complex components from water-based, highly concentrated ceramic suspensions.

  • The report highlights the breakthrough at the trade show, showcases the interest in the technology, and underscores D3-AM and the Durst Group's commitment to advancing the development and application of high-performance ceramics.


Innovative Ceramic 3D Printing Technology Wows at Formnext 2023: D3-AM Explores New Frontiers for High-Performance Components.

D3-AM showcases the LABII printing system at Formnext 2023, enabling the production of complex high-performance ceramic components.
D3-AM showcases the LABII printing system at Formnext 2023, enabling the production of complex high-performance ceramic components.

D3-AM GmbH, a subsidiary of the Durst Group, presented the groundbreaking Micro-Particle-Jetting printing technology at Formnext 2023, revolutionizing 3D printing of high-performance ceramic components.

The LABII technology allows direct printing of water-based, highly concentrated ceramic suspensions with unrestricted particle size and distribution, opening new horizons for manufacturing components previously considered unattainable.

Stefan Waldner, Chief Product Officer of D3-AM GmbH, considers Material Jetting technology the most promising method in additive manufacturing. The MPJ technology overcomes limitations in material development, paving the way for the production of components previously deemed impossible. Particularly, the Gyroid structure presented at Formnext, made from sintered silicon carbide (SSiC), received recognition as the "best component ever 3D printed from SSiC."

Formnext 2023 witnessed significant interest in D3-AM's technology, leading to dynamic discussions and numerous projects, including the development of new materials, exploration of new applications, and specific requests for components and machines. The focus was particularly on thick-walled components and those made from SSiC.

Christoph Gamper, CEO and co-owner of the Durst Group, emphasizes the importance of the trade show presence and the introduction of the D3 LABII system as the beginning of a new chapter at Durst.

The successful response at Formnext confirms that the Durst Group is a leader in the top tier of materials, technical ceramics. Gamper provides a glimpse into the future, stating that the printing systems, processes, and materials will continue to evolve to unlock entirely new possibilities in additive manufacturing.


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